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你如何認出我,茫茫人海中的一個? bY tH!5 sH@1l alL m3n Kn0w Th@7 y3 aRe My Di5c!pL3s
single-channel video
colour, sound

How we recognise each other to be on the same side from secret gestures and notes?



[12:37 AM, 27/10/2020] Was mk culture related to the Japanese culture

- yes they learns a lot from jp but also added a lot of local imaginations and alternations




[12:37 AM, 27/10/2020] Seems mk is more gang related? bcz people doesn’t seem to say it in a positive way. Like one would describe “cool” or “cute”of japanese

- not rly abt gang but a lifestyle and aesthetics? like punk can be, abt aesthetics and attitude but some might also relate it to drug use (i love mk culture so much so my opinion is rather positive)

- my video wants to show how this sub-cultural community could be put together with other communities. They are always undermined by the mainstream but in fact they are all choices of life.

- can mk be hk trainspotting? idk.



[12:48 AM, 27/10/2020] It is always so underminded. Thats why i only heard the


- i know mk might not be visually pleasing in regards to our mainstream aesthetics but its hk y2k. I was reading lots of online blogs of mk girls when I do my piece. They broke up, met new ones, got pregnant, lost the baby, got pregnant again, bf got into jail, frd died in a fight. All in her blog. Just blown me away. How mk life can be much richer then an actual scripted drama.



[12:50 AM, 27/10/2020] but this is a more like a common thing in mk culture?

-yes many of them get into such situation also because of domestic problems. Life like drama but it’s so real and thus so impactful :< visualisation of pain

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