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苦地宣告 Declaration of the Bittered Land
Triple-channel video installation
1'01”, 3'02”, 0'52”

Words are spoken due to the lack thereof. By juxtaposing abused symbols in popular culture, the artwork questions whether the positive energy expressed in propaganda musics is in fact a testimony to our times of lost in courage, hope and love.

English translation of words shown in the video:

麻木青春 Numb Youth

前進理想 March Vision

暖火能量 Warmth Energy

夢想努力 Dream Hard Work

紅日熱愛 Sun Passion

共創燃亮 Together Brighten

困厄美夢 Hardship Dream

同行鬥志 Solidarity Ambition

齊心風雨 Together in Wind and Rain

希望 Home Hope

期望 Love Anticipation

開創前途 Create Future

痛苦理想 Pain Ideals

熱誠 Home Enthusiasm

能量努力 Energy Effort

明天共創 Tomorrow Together

太陽光 Sunlight

苦幹突破 Hard Work Breakthrough

奉獻理想 Dedication Ideals

萬眾永遠 For All Forever

攜手熱情 Together Passion

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