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Prelude: Song of the Pond

dual-channel sound installation

continuous loop



A possible alternative to read Prelude: Black Pond could be listening to its song — a duet performed by an artificial intelligence and a human.


1 lust he left

2 we don’t have to understand each other

3 because pain is never mutual

4 and we all endure

5 mutual respect is not universally agreed

6 a virtual non-existing civic protocol

7 the tiny little pain in my heart

8 reconciliation only happens in soap opera

9 fears do not go away they remains waiting to be recalled

10 what are expecting from ourselves what are we expecting from a thirteen-year-old

11 sometimes victims bearing the harm and no one to be blamed

12 no place left to run when a home is found

13 no one other than yourself needs your forgiveness

14 it implies that you have granted the permission to hurt

15 I create my own melancholy

16 I narrate my own weakness

17 end self-victimising

18 fooled by deception

19 seek from within

20 keep being tied and learn to untie

21 admit feelings then drop the self-absorbed drama

22 let the contradiction happen

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